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..Julie Karagouni is beyond competition....

“Adesmeutos Typos of Makedonia” Newspaper 1997Review at “The Medium” Menotti



The acting and vocal capacities of Mrs. Karagouni entranced the public, thanks to its changes and its apt tones.

Niki” Newspaper, 26-2-1997Review at “The Medioum” Menotti



....Giorgetta of the great intensity is of indefectible voice …

Review at “Il Tabarro ” Puccini“Amici della musica” Magazine, November 1998



…. Julie Karagouni was the vocal revelation of the night......

“Avgi” Newspaper, April 29th, 2001Review about the National Opera of Greece production “The Possessed” by Ch. Vrontos



.....Julie Karagouni proved that she is rightly considered among the rising stars of Opera

....“Edessaiki” Newspaper, 7-12-2002



…..She is a correct musician with beautiful colour of her voice...

.“Apofasi” Newspaper, April 10th, 2003


….Sentimental and deeply touching was the presence of Julie Karagouni

“Eleftherotypia” Newspaper , December ,2007



. …Julie’s Karagouni Aida blossomed….

“Financial Times” 16 July 2008 Review  at “Aida” of G. Verdi , to the great Colaboration of Opera of Cairo with N.C.P.A. in Bei-jing, due to the Opimpics 2008



…..The first role undertook the new Greek singer Julie Karagouni, who with her voice reminded me of Drahomira Tikalova, one of our best Aidas. She has a beautiful voice, that she knows how to low in to soft pianissimo. Furthermore, the height of her voice are not deprieved certainity and intensity...

Music Magazine “Hudebni Rozhkedy”Review at “Aida” of G. Verdi, to the production of Opera of Cairo (January 2010 ) at the National Opera House of Cairo



…… The distinguished soprano has a rare sense of the tone level and a great apprehension of the harmonic tone of the art-song... ....We believe that the difficult structure of the compositions of Kalomoiris, which require wide vocal range combined with intense dynamics, found a reliable expresser in the face of Julie Karagouni, especially when this invests a language that is difficult to sing in, such as the Greek one.

.. ….Mrs. Karagouni accomplished a fine and tender performance, taking advantage of the variety of tone colours her lyric-dramatic voice has

… ….the gifted soprano showed all the range of her naturally noble voice, which she tapped with a correct education in order to be able to perform the heroines she incarnated with dynamism, homogeneity, clearness, but also with a “clean”, convincing and honest performance...


“Estia” Newspaper, Saturday, January 16th, 2010




With impressive, with dramatic tons and her extensive range of voice, Julie Karagouni interpreted songs of Rachmaninoff.....

The distinguished singer advised her phonetic body so that she made emerge all the sentiments that the music of this big composer expresses.


“ Estia"Newspaper,February 2012



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